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If your premium membership expires but you still have subscription days for RLC Replay, then these days will be saved to your account.

Access to RLC Replay is purchased with tokens and requires an active Premium membersip.The list of available apartments is provided on the left side of the main page and on the right side you will see the drawing of the apartment with indication of the video cameras among which you can choose.The list of the video cameras is also provided beneath the drawing. You can hear everything in the room that you are watching. Back to top Standard Membership RLC Replay service allows you to watch videos recorded by all cameras in the past 24 hours. When you select a camera, you will see Activity Timeline, a graph of motion activity for the past 24 hours.RLC Replay does not guarantee 100% availability of footage for the past 24 hours, since a camera could be in service, out of order, or the footage it recorded could contain prohibited content or content violating the site’s policies.If you have any technical problems, please contact our support team at [email protected] to top Tokens are the currency used on Real Life Cam for getting access to RLC Replay. You can purchase tokens in the following sized-packages: 100, 200, 300, 600, 900, 1800.RLC Replay is not fully compatible with the IE and Safari browsers.

If you are having playback issues, please try using another browser.

A New York Times piece and a subsequent Medium post this week highlighted an ongoing problem with Youtube Kids -- bizarre and disturbing videos aimed at young children using key words and popular children's characters. Mark Rubello What if...parents did actual parenting, and monitored or actively took an interest in what their kids are watching? Cause you know, if you just sit your kid in front of a TV and go on instagram, that isn't parenting, is it? io9 It’s a question that pops up every five or 10 years for casual fans of Jim Henson’s delightful creations The Muppets: Where did they go?

The actual answer is almost always that they’re still around, be it in web videos, commercials, or even a l Read more ...

Techmeme You Tube says it will age-restrict flagged videos that make "inappropriate use of family-friendly characters" to logged-in users 18 or older (Ben Popper / The Verge) Read more ...

Tiap kali surat notifikasi paketku selalu sobek kabeh???? mboh kejadiane piye, pulang kerja ada puzzle buat aku kerjain????

When you make a purchase you will not be charged again without making an additional purchase.