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Professor Louis-Philippe Morency, co-creator of Ellie, says the bot cannot replace a human therapist, but is a decision support tool that helps to “ with a Facebook Messenger bot for their month-long Stoptober campaign to help smokers quit.

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Since then, UNICEF and Liberia’s Minister of Education have collaborated on a plan to stop the issue.Less than 50% of the population in Ethiopia has access to clean water and only 21% of the population enjoys proper sanitation services.Unfortunately, cold statistics like these rarely move people to take action.However, so many government bureaucracies can be automated, like the DMV.Eliminating bureaucracy will actually save the government money,” points out Browder.“In the UK, there is this really broken system where the government pays a lawyer to file an application back to the government for a homeless person to receive support.

The government wastes so much money with the application process when they should just spent that money on houses.” Browder’s vision for Do Not Pay extends far beyond simply fighting off parking tickets and filing for homelessness.

Besides raising awareness, charities can also use bots and messaging platforms to raise critical funds.

Charity: Water recently worked with Assist to enable donors to donate funds directly from Facebook Messenger. The sophisticated “robot lawyer” also helps tenants fight negligent landlords and the homeless apply for much needed government support.

While Sarafina’s story sounds extreme to Westerners, her experience is painfully common yet largely ignored in her country.

, a social reporting bot that enables young people in developing countries to report issues in their community via SMS and other messaging platforms.

, a Facebook Messenger chatbot that humanizes the water crisis in Ethiopia.