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Memphis Grizzlies star Mike Conley took to Twitter and wrote: 'Hate to see this happen to anyone! Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo tweeted: 'Wow smh prayers up to @gordonhayward may God give you strength during this time'.

"If I'm sick, I don't have the ability to work through it — I have to stop," says Gordon. I just can't leave the house for a few days." Nanjiani — who admits that "when I have a 99-degree fever and a sniffling nose, I'm such a baby" — follows suit in solidarity.When an episode seems imminent, Gordon makes sure to communicate openly with Nanjiani."When it first happened, [I felt] the guilt of, how could I not see this happening? She can be super sick and still have a great attitude.during a chat at New York City's Four Seasons Hotel."Because I wasn't diagnosed or being treated for it, it just kept getting worse and worse.His ankle turned into an odd angle causing many in the crowd to stand in shock for a moment as he motioned for help.

Players on both the Celtics and Cavs were visibly disturbed by the nature of his horrific injury as well as the members of the audience.

"I just have to practice self-care in the ways we all should be doing — get enough sleep, eat healthy and regularly, exercise and keep my stress and drinking down — but I have to be a little more diligent about it because if I slip on any of those, my immune system can act up," Gordon explains of controlling her condition, which she does with Nanjiani's help. At times when I'm not great at self-care, he will force me to be good about it." AOSD can either be episodic or chronic, and its symptoms, which can vary and range in severity, include high fever, skin rashes and joint pain.

Gordon's condition is episodic, with relatively manageable flare-ups occurring only a few times each year.

Ten years ago, she was a therapist in Chicago who was eight months into a relationship with the standup comedian.

Gordon initially thought she simply caught a stubborn cold or, at worst, pneumonia.

He appeared to be happy to be playing for the Celtics, as several of his tweets in the past few days are about the team and the opening game.