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Ps3 having trouble updating games

ps3 having trouble updating games-27

While Sony didn’t go into a deep-dive on the subject, it was mentioned that they wanted to enhance the content offered through Play Station Plus.

The Play Station Move features motion sensing gaming, similar to that of the Wii.That's because, following the 1.16 patch released on August 19 (the flight school update), the system will no longer have enough space to store future updates and content, which must be installed to play GTA V's online multiplayer mode.Being limited to the 12GB of internal flash storage won't prevent the single-player mode from being playable, but it will mean you'll be unable to take advantage of any new features or changes introduced in future updates.Unfortunately, that is soon to be the case for Grand Theft Auto V players on a certain model of PS3, forcing those people to upgrade their system in order to continue playing online.A recent post on Rockstar's support website (via Video Gamer) informs owners of the 12GB PS3 model that they will soon need to purchase a storage upgrade if they want to be able to play Grand Theft Auto Online.While a popular feature and something that keeps Sony on par with Microsoft and their Games with Gold service, it’s not always possible to please everyone.

Each month sees six games featured, with two titles each for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

NEWS: MAJOR PLAYSTATION 4 TITLE SKIPPING E3 2017That’s after being on the market for over a decade, with Play Station 3 originally launching in Japan in November 2006, before its release in Europe the following March.

Sony recently indicated that they plan to make changes to their Play Station Plus subscription service, which currently offers up two PS3 games-a-month for free download.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your understanding.

Small hard drives in game consoles are largely a thing of the past; while storage remains a concern--I know my Xbox One and Play Station 4 have been threatening to run out of space for months--it's rare for a single game to be too big for a console's hard drive.

The model is positioned as being ideal for streaming content and playing disc-based games, though, at least in this case, that's not proving to be the case.