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The transition should take place during the final year of elementary school, and also in the summer months leading up to middle school.

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Be sure your guide your child through his or her online life.In addition, keep in contact with other parents of preteens in order to stay up-to-date on what's going on in the community. It's OK to allow tweens a little freedom, and if they keep your trust they may earn more freedom in the coming years.But now is not the time to let your guard down with your preteen.As your child grows and changes he or she will need guidance to help deal with emotional and physical changes, new challenges, and opportunities.These next few years will help determine the teen your preteen will become, so make the most of them.This phase of development will test your patience, but don't fall short now.

Preteens need their parents to guide them through puberty, help them understand their changing bodies and all the social and sexual changes that are also taking place.

Be specific about your family's values concerning smoking, drinking, and other drug use.

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You knew the teen years were going to be a challenge, but before you even get there you have to conquer the in-between years, also known as the tween years.

Preteens can be difficult to parent, and even more difficult to live with, but preteens have a lot going on and they need your guidance and patience.

For example, preteens today have the Internet and social networking sites to keep them busy (and sometimes distracted) from their lives.