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You may not look pregnant yet — but chances are you’re feeling it.That’s because a flood of pregnancy hormones is prepping your body to play baby hostess for the next nine months — so you could be in line for quite a few aches and pains, from fatigue to flatulence.

Some have only occasionally queasy moments, others feel queasy round the clock but never vomit, others vomit once in a while, and still others vomit frequently.Until one day, you wake with a strangely icky feeling in the pit of your stomach. Sure does feel like it (that, or the worst hangover you’ve ever had).Well, in these pregnant parts, it’s called morning sickness…and chances are you’ll be bunking with it for the next few weeks. If you’re among the estimated three in four women who suffer from symptoms related to this misnamed malady in the first trimester of pregnancy, you already know the bad news: Although that nauseous, queasy feeling in your stomach often starts when the sun rises, it can hit at any time of the day or night.First-time pregnancy status Morning sickness is more common and tends to be more severe in first pregnancies, which supports the idea that both physical and emotional factors may be involved.Physically the novice pregnant body is less prepared for the onslaught of hormones and other changes it’s experiencing than one that’s been there, done that.If it’s severe, you might want to consider talking to your doctor about medications to treat the symptoms of pregnancy-related nausea.

Causes of Morning Sickness: You’re sailing along on your early pregnancy adventure at (so far, so good, you’re thinking — just a touch of tenderness around the nipples, a little urinary frequency, a few blue veins across your chest, but nothing you can’t handle).

While you might be less than thrilled with some of these symptoms, try to remind yourself that these temporary discomforts are part of the incredible process that’s happening inside: You’re growing a child! The first trimester lasts from week 1 through the end of week 13 of pregnancy. The first step to nailing your current week down is to calculate your due date.

Keep in mind that your date might change (especially if you have irregular periods), so try to go with the flow.

A couple of the most common early symptoms of pregnancy you may experience: Unfortunately it doesn’t just strike in the morning — and it picks up by about week 5 of pregnancy.

Ginger tea or drops might help, as can small but frequent meals.

It could be triggered by the increased level of the pregnancy hormone h CG (which peaks around the time morning sickness is worst).