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Park hee soon dating

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They invited their close friends and celebrities like Gil, Jang Na Ra, Jo Yeo Jung, and Jessi, who posted cute pictures! SEE ALSO: 10 Female Idols Whose Smiles Melt Our Hearts Yejin as in Savage/Lady Yejin from Family Outing?! Lol I always thought she would end up with Jong Kook in the future.Ahh I guess Kookie didn't marry either her or Hyo Ri. : D *throws confetti* it would've been nice to see a FO reunion too.

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and was a member of the Mokwha Repertory Company from 1990 to 2001. Park Bo young is indeed a young, talented and beautiful k actress... :) Bo Young unnie is a very very talented & cute actress! our Lee Min Ho oppa is the lead actor for the upcoming movie "Gangnam Blues"! I HOPE from the HEART that "Park Bo Young" will be offered the role in this movie! Hope she can try different kind of characters to showcase her acting. I didn't even know who she was until I watched oh my ghost and after I finished watching it I fell in love with her and I stop thinking about how fabulous her acting is. when I first saw her in oh my ghostess i thought she was in her early twenties. i hope and wish she could have alot of projects especially korean drama she suits being on a comedy leading lady role.. More than your all previous movies, Oh my ghost, just only one drama makes you shine a lot and you are getting a lot of fans because of it. Shes so pretty and damn shes good at acting as well. hardly found a wonderful actress after the era of song hye gyo.. also, in oh my ghostess, she was mistakenly called bong soon. People said you will gain more confidence in yourself when you overcome your challenge. Great actress, awesome acting, amazing personality. Though I hope to see her soon in other drama or movie. ^_^ aside from park shin Hye, she is my second fav actress. If you have Hulu, you have to watch her breakout role in Scandal Makers. Park bo young ,, I love you since you acting movies Don't click .. i enjoy there love team on Oh my ghost so natural it's like they are couple for real.. Hope you will keep doing dramas, Don't enjoy doing only movies too much. 6th episode i can not forget when she was in roof as she was torturing shy lead it. He became active in film beginning 2002, and won several Best Supporting Actor awards for his portrayal of a tough cop in Seven Days (2007).

“The Suspect” has succeeded in reaching the 3 million viewership mark.

Park Bo Young unnie allmost look innocent in every drama and movie I watched.

i am also a diehard fan of their previous team up and still wishing that the 2 of them will make it's either a movie or kdrama together...

Furthermore, “The Suspect” is ranking high in the box office, winning over strong Hollywood contenders such as “About Time” and “Ender’s Game.”“The Suspect” is an action thriller starring Gong Yoo, who plays the role of Ji Dong Chul, a man who lost his family and seeks revenge on those who killed them.

This is Gong Yoo’s big screen return in two years since his success with “The Crucible.““The Suspect” also stars Park Hee Soon, Jo Sung Ha, Yoo Da In, Jo Jae Yoon and Kim Sung Kyun.source: soompibeen looking forward to this film for over a year, but still haven't been able to see it yet :( glad it's doing well so far tho.

I will anticipate for her next project where she is the main heroine. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon, is one of the K-Drama I will never forget! I just hope that Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young will end up together for real ! She made me cry so much and gave me so many pain in the movie. I liked her in oh my ghostess but the movie itself wasn't as interesting as I thought. Park Bo Young eonnie, you are so cute and talented! You two's age difference was the cutest thing ever!! Her drama now is very good its actually having a good rating as for the feedbacks.