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I went the store to buy a pair of boots I needed to buy for winter and I was walking in the store looking for some boots I see a display of underalls pantyhose and remember seeing on tv. So I went over there to check it out and that I would buy a pair and so I waited so that no one around and I pick a pair in my size and went to the counter when on one was in front me and put the boots and pantyhose on the counter and the clerk said nothing and put it the bag and I paid for it.

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Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.So many women don't realize how much sexier a proper formal or business outfit becomes with the proper hosiery. A woman has the ability to use hosiery to personalize an outfit with her own sense of style and separate herself from the pack.I guess that's one reason I find women's hosiery interesting; you may get some insight into her personality just by the type of hosiery she wears.I grabbed my mom's Vogue magazine and masturbated while looking at pantyhose advertisements and myself in the mirror. When I was done I carefully took the pantyhose off, made sure they had no tell-tail stains and hung them back on the rod.This was so exciting, but I also felt a little ashamed.I love trying new pair pantyhose just to see how they and look. I remember seeing a picture of a couple performing ballet. I thought that it would be fun to wear tights and if learning ballet was a way to wear them I would give it a try.

I told my mom I was interested in taking ballet lessons and she gave a little laugh and explained that I was too young.

I myself absolutely love white pantyhose the most, usually the thicker denier ones that aren't as transparent.

I don't care much for any kind of fishnets or plain, tan pantyhose.

This was probably a good decision because by the time I was a teen I was 6'-0" tall, not very coordinated and weighed about 180 lbs.

I wore pantyhose the first time when I was about thirteen years old.

I remember walking into the bathroom and seeing a pair of my mom's beige pantyhose hanging from the bath cutain rod. I locked the bathroom door, stripped down to nothing and slipped into the pantyhose.