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There was much speculation about what role the Islanders would play in international rugby.

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There were two aims, to get revenue to help in the running of the activities of the unions (and) to provide players with the opportunity to play against tier one sides. These islanders invented a new kind of society -- that is a socially creative achievement.The idea of chiefs, someone in charge, is not a new thing, but it's an extremely important precursor.Notably, two players on the 2004 tour, Sione Lauaki and Sitiveni Sivivatu (the latter the Islanders' leading scorer on that tour), went on to play for the All Blacks. During that tour, they were the last opponents of Ireland at their traditional home of Lansdowne Road before its redevelopment into a modern all-seater stadium. Construction of monumental buildings followed over the next several centuries on other islands not in the Saudeleur Dynasty across Oceania.

Mc Coy, an associate professor in the SMU Department of Anthropology, and his team reported their discovery in the journal Quaternary Research in "Earliest direct evidence of monument building at the archaeological site of Nan Madol identified using 230Th/U coral dating and geochemical sourcing of megalithic architectural stone." Co-authors include Helen A. K., Richard Hemi, University of Otago, New Zealand, Hai Cheng, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, and R. An inactive volcano that hasn't erupted in at least one million years, Pohnpei Island is much larger than its neighboring atolls at 128 square miles (334 square kilometers), making it about the physical size of Columbia, S. Now part of the 607-island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia, Pohnpei Island and its nearby atolls have a population of 34,000.

PIRA had ruled in July 2006 that the team selected for that year's tour to Great Britain and Ireland would consist only of players who had previously played for Fiji, Manu Samoa or Tonga.

This was intended to ensure that the Pacific Islanders team serves to develop players for the island nations only.

"The kind of society that we live in today, it wasn't born last year, or even 100 years ago," Mc Coy said.

"It has its roots in a pre-modern era like Nan Madol where you have a king or chief.

But the International Rugby Board changed the schedule for the Pacific Islands team to play every four years.