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The pair jetted to the nation’s capital from Toronto on Oct.

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So fellas, if she says she's wearing a silk kimono and four-inch heels, she just may be telling the truth! I didn't want to get into a phone sex gig with a bunch of rules.That's why the ability to keep a straight face is essential to anyone with a career in professional fetish conversations.People take their fetishes seriously, which means phone sex ops need to sound like they do the same.Cordless and cellphones only, and not just for your own mobility.Sooner or later, someone will want you to take your call into the bathroom.No LOL Plz There's a wide world of masochists, diaper fetishists and "furries" out there.

I'm all for being respectful, but sometimes, fetishes are just plain funny.

When called the telephone number listed on the university’s website, it was connected to an answering machine dedicated to selling printer equipment. Meredith’s master’s degree was referenced by the prime minister’s office when he became only the fourth African-Canadian appointed to the Senate.

A Huffington Post story also indicates the Conservative House Leader in the Senate, Claude Carignan, has asked Mr.

Here are 16 things you'd probably never suspect about phone sex.

They Dress the Part Most phone sex operators wear comfy clothes, especially if they're working from home, but a handful of phone actresses say that dressing to the nines helps them get into character.

There's Treachery Afoot Some clients will try crazy things to keep from paying for their calls. The first time I got a call from an enraged wife, I thought it was my friend playing a joke.