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Once stars dating

When he’s caught by his old cop buddy, wherever is the cheeky dick going to stash his gat?

Tell Us: Do Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas make a cute couple?When the actors began filming their ABC series in Vancouver last summer, "they really hit it off," one insider explains."She and Josh have a blast together and had instant chemistry." PHOTOS: Meet the cast of ABC's Once Upon a Time That sweetness was on display March 18 when the two ducked into the Naam, a Vancouver vegetarian eatery.This new film is more entertaining than Cop Out, though.And like very low-grade medical marijuana, it does produce a small, steady buzz if you give its 94 minutes the right WTF attitude. I’m pleased to see that at 62, Willis is in sensational action-star shape — as we deduce from his nude skateboard escape from homicidal thugs, past boho bars and galleries and around the Venice Beach canals.“It just felt like everything had come to a really nice place for Emma, and (Horowitz and Kitsis) had set themselves up to really revamp the show with new people in a really interesting creative way,” Morrison said.

“It felt like time for me to come home.” Morrison made her decision not to continue awhile back and shared it with the series’ producers but it was not made public until after last night’s musical/wedding episode, in which Emma and Hook got married.

"I look for fun and smarts — a witty, strong sexy woman," he tells Us.

Dallas would also like to see their characters on overcome the odds and end up together before the first season ends this spring.

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