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Olympic couples dating

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"The wedding will be next year, hopefully," Trott said."This [Rio 2016] was our one hurdle to get out of the way.

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Their story: The "glamour couple" of Australia's 2016 team first met in 2002 at a junior championship in Greece, but they didn't start dating until years later.They share a coach — he even officiated their wedding — and they train together near their home in Eugene, Oregon.Aww alert: Brianne regularly posts adorable photos of herself with her husband on her Instagram account.Sports: They both play goalball, a sport specifically created for blind athletes, for the USA's Paralympic team. ) Paralympic games since 1992, and Asya thought of her as a role model before they met while playing the game.They won a silver medal playing together in Athens in 2004, and got married in 2007, one year before winning the gold in Beijing.After winning a bronze medal for Great Britain at the 2012 Olympics, they got married the next year.

Aww alert: "We are a couple, we love each other and we happen to be playing in the same team," Kate told the BBC of their relationship.

But my birthday falls during the Games so we might make an exception.'Because of the restrictive bunking rules an inside joke among athletes in the Olympic village coined a 'stroll' enables couples to have intimate time with their partners – while their roommate goes for a walk.

Australian rugby couple Charlotte Caslick and Lewis Holland (pictured) share the sentiment and occasionally employ a 'no rugby talk' rule – which doesn't last very long as the two train and live together Mitch Larkin and Emily Seebohm have said that when they hit the pool in Rio they plant to keep their professional and personal lives separate and pretend to be 'friends who know each other really well' when competing.

Attitudes have since relaxed with couples able to decide for themselves if they want to abstain from sex - although it is forbidden for athletes in relationships to share rooms at the Olympic villages.

Burnett told The Courier Mail: 'It's one of those things that can be tricky because we compete at different times and we don't room together …

Brianne is competing as a heptathlete for Canada, and her husband Ashton is a decathlete competing for the USA.