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There are paintings, clothes, household items, etc.More Memorial house museum of Yuldash Akhunbabayev In the years of the 1930s and 1940s, Yuldash Akhunbabayev made a considerable contribution to the development of the economy and culture of Uzbekistan.

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In the museum of Tamara Khanum you can see the original interiors where she lived the last years of her life, many of her costumes, photographs from the 1920-80s, manuscripts, and her unpublished memoirs, as well as listen to her songs.E’tibor bersangiz, bunda so’zning birinchi harfidan tashqari «eyt» qismi ingliz tilidagi 8 raqamining aytilishiga o’xshash.Shuning uchun inglizlar SMS yoki chatda «do’st», ya’ni «mate» so’zini «m8» shaklida yozishi mumkin.These were the works of the Russian and the West-European art such as painting, sculpture, decorative furniture, porcelain and bronze.More The State Museum of Applied Arts In State museum of applied art of Uzbekistan there are more than 7,000 pieces of traditional folk art, starting from the first half of XIX century until modern times.More Museum of Victims of Repressions Uzbekistan, a country that keeps tight control over information on current events, is taking tentative steps toward an exploration of its recent past.

A new museum in Tashkent is devoted to raising awareness about repression during the tsarist and Soviet eras.

The State Museum of History The State Museum of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of Central Asia's largest and oldest research and educational institutions, dating back more than 120 years.

More The State Museum of Arts The State Museum of Arts of Uzbekistan is one of the largest museums in the Central Asia, which was founded in 1918 on the base of a small collection from 500 exhibits.

More The Tashkent House of Photography The Tashkent House of Photography (THP) is situated in the centre of Tashkent in a monumental building with a facade executed in the style of Medieval Eastern architecture and decorated with a tile portal. Museum is owned by SJSRC "O'zbekiston Temir Yo'llari" and as an object of social-technical culture it is a component of Central railwaymen's palace of culture.

This architectural monument was constructed in 1934 from the design of well-known Uzbek architects K. More Tashkent Planetarium Perhaps every one of us in childhood dreamt of conquering space, flying to the skies, observing the Earth from above or making a few steps on the Moon.

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