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Nudist webcams

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This trail is gravelled and well maintained however to reach the beach you need to hike nearly an hour, and once you reach the coast the terrain is rough once more - this is not the easiest to get to or most family friendly area.The entire hiking trail between the two towns takes 90 minutes, so you have plenty of time to wander along the full 5 km of Playa de Son Real and pick your favourite spot to set up camp.

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Unlike most Mallorcan beaches, this one isn’t attached to a resort; the lack of development and surrounding sand dunes lend it a more unspoiled, natural feel than many of the island’s other swimming spots.This pristine stretch of cliff-backed coastline is nearly three kilometers (or 1.8 miles) long, and its southern half was designated Australia’s first legal nude beach in 1975.Every January, it hosts what was once called the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics, featuring three-legged races, a tug-of-war, and a Best Bum competition.Several kilometres of protected nature reserve separates the coast from the highway and there are no amenities to speak of, no lifeguards, toilets, shops, cafés or water sport rental stations. That being the case you must remember to take with you everything you need for the day, but since you do have to carry it all on your own backs, try to pack light - leave the chairs and the windbreaks at home.Take a towel, a book, plenty of water and a picnic and you’ll be just fine.This beach is all about the view—of the Golden Gate Bridge, that is.

The northern end nearest the bridge is clothing-optional, but you’ll need to cover up in order to use the restrooms, picnic tables, and other public facilities.

It’s worth checking the weather conditions before you visit since the waves can get rough and, like the rest of San Francisco, the beach is often blanketed in fog.

North America’s largest nudist beach is 7.8 kilometers (or just under five miles) long, and it’s also one of the busiest beaches in Canada.

Don’t even think about snapping a photo if you see someone famous—just be cool, and maybe you’ll score an invitation onto some bigwig's yacht.

Brazil’s first nude beach has an entire family-friendly complex attached, with clothing-optional camping grounds, rental accommodation, children’s play areas, showers, and bars.

But after the International Olympics Committee complained, the event was renamed the Maslin Beach Nudo Lympics, and finally the Maslin Beach Nude Games.