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Out-of-State Tuition Students who are classified as out-of-state residents by the Office of Admissions pay an additional out-of-state tuition as indicated in the Fee Chart.

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Courses offered between terms, for a concentrated period during a term, or at specific locations may be subject to fees on a per-hour basis only.Note: Graduate Assistant waivers will cover TNe C maintenance fee (tuition) but will NOT cover TNe C online fee.e Rate (out-of-state) tuition is assessed to students who are classified as non-residents of the State of Tennessee online courses.Residency classifications are determined by the Office of Admissions and residency appeals information is available in the Office of Admissions.Please note: Out-of-state tuition in association with TN e Campus Program and U of M Online (M50) courses is assessed in addition to on-campus course out-of-state tuition, with no maximum. 410) courses are assessed out-of-state at the on-campus rate.For example, a graduate student taking an undergraduate course will be charged graduate tuition.

During fall and spring terms, the cost of tuition is based on a per hour basis up to 12 hours for undergraduate level and 10 hours for graduate level with a reduced per hour rate above these hours. The tuition assessed for summer courses is based on the student matriculation level and number of hours enrolled, with no maximum.

Students taking online and ANY on-campus courses will be assessed the standard out-of-state tuition for all enrolled courses.

*Includes TN e Campus Program online fee at $128 per credit/audit hour † Includes e Rate (Out-of-State) fee Students enrolled in U of M Online courses (Mxx) will be assessed fees at the per-hour rate listed below, with no maximum, and in addition to on campus and TNe C fees.

Please Note: TN e Campus Program and U of M Online Program (M50) courses are assessed tuition in addition to on-campus course tuition, with no maximum.

U of M Online 4xx or 5xx courses are assessed tuition at the on-campus rate.

The listing of any fee or incidental charge in this publication does not constitute a contract between the University and the student.