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Thank you Elise for the wonderful photo and your kind permission to use it on the website!

Though very fragmentary and fragile because of termite damage, some key texts could be recovered from under the resin title Royal Nurse ( .Afterwards, there was some last minute packing to attend to and the post-season report to prepare.On the evening of March 28th, Archie Chubb and I left for Cairo. Magdy el Ghandour, Director of Foreign Missions, to deliver copies of the season report CDs and late that morning met with Dr. A few days later I was back home in cold and windy Chicago.Coffin E is very similar to some coffins from the Amenophis III era, whereas Coffin A shows signs which suggest the Akhenaton era. It may still be too premature to say for certain, but I anticipate in early 2010.More details will be forthcoming on the remaining coffins. For now, there are many reports, notebooks, accounts, lectures, and fundraising to do.The final weeks of the season were partially devoted to selecting and packing crates for shipment to the SCA magazine (storage building) near Howard Carters House.

Five boxes of materials were delivered to the magazine on March 23rd.

This occurred during or very close to the time of Tutankhamun.

Each coffin will be dated independently based on style, decoration, texts, i.e.

How it came about that her coffin was eventually used as a refuse bin in KV-63 would make a fascinating story.

The general dating of the tomb previously reported still remains valid.

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