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Newly divorced and dating

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If you start thinking about sex as something you may never experience again, you might be more interested in slipping into something more comfortable and dimming the lights.Few things reconnect a couple better than sex and touch.

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She even keeps me from working on personal projects that have strict dead-lines.From a divorced person’s viewpoint, it’s distressing to think that all that potential intimacy is being wasted on married couples who’d rather watch Conan. Speaking of kids, divorce — if it’s done right, with mutual respect and shared custody — allows for a lot more equality in a relationship when it comes to parenting.Divorced dads often take on tasks they’ve never had to deal with before, so they’re forced to become more hands-on.Many people act like it’s no big deal, but I imagine the longer one ignores this issue, the worse one’s personal relationships will be affected in the long run.2014 Challenge: Divorce your phone, your apps, your social-feeds, and engage in relationships with people that actually matter. Later, after I discovered my now-ex husband’s affair, I realized he hadn’t been joking; he really was living like that. I’ve been divorced a few years now, and I’m revisiting his comment. No, I don’t think you should act like you’re single when you’re married.

After all, never-married singles typically have a lot of unrealistic expectations about marriage that can be damaging.

Vow to spend a significant amount of time off your mobile-devices, unplugged, and instead get back to making personal relationships that will stand the test of time. Share this with a friend, and let’s get the “Divorce Your Phone” movement going.

Other than God, my wife deserves to be the #1 priority in my life and I don’t want anything to get in the way of that. But I hope you will take this into consideration regardless.

She’s extremely insensitive when it comes to my safety, and is always tempting me to be with her while I drive.

I can’t help but notice she is slowly infecting my social life, my marriage, and the lives of those around me.

It sounds weird, but here’s what it would look like: 1) Feel some freedom.