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But Never Say Never Again wasn’t in my official boxset. Last Monday I came to the film totally cold, save a couple of blurry memories and a vague sense of hostility. The opening evaluation and Bond’s subsequent dispatching to Shrublands certainly suggest a spy gone to seed. A Bond physically incapacitated, no longer the agent of youth - now that idea has wheels. Age does not wither Bond; only frays him a little at the edges.As in, our supposedly rundown hero is soon leaping around with nary a wince or a creak. Absence makes the heart grow fonder; and twelve years away from Bond certainly rekindled Connery’s mojo.

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Five actors have played James Bond, one man was James Bond: from the first cigarette to that final wink. Connery not only made history but also the present and future. Casting lingering glances back to a gloriously fresh beginning that can’t ever be recaptured. The Craig-era has brought the series critical acclaim and unprecedented commercial success. Largo and Bond embody the ancient enmity of the nerd and the jock.Largo, unable to match Bond physically, tries to assert superiority through his homemade computer game.Thus Fatima Blush, a Black Widow unmistakably woven from the same thread as Fiona, a surely doomed attempt to improve on one of the great villains of the series. For once we need not fret on Never Say Never Again’s legitimacy because Fatima transcends the series the film might or mightn’t belong to. In the space of ten minutes she seduces Bond, plants a shark magnet on him, goes dancing, discovers his survival and promptly blows up his hotel room. Holding Bond at gunpoint, Fatima doesn’t allow herself to be disarmed or taken by surprise (seriously, note Carrera’s taut watchfulness: reminiscent of Red Grant).Barbara Carrera gives one of the most gloriously deranged performances in all cinema. No, Fatima’s downfall is her insistence Bond write on scrap newspaper that she was his best shag ever.Did you know the swirly patterns are actually a teeny-weeny map? We don’t need another by-the-numbers shootout – and Never Say Never Again had a unique opportunity to offer something different. An opportunity for subversion existed but was ignored.

And look, it says ‘Deux ex -’ I mean ‘Domino’ on the back. Lighter, funnier, bolder (heaven knows what, exactly. We finally end underwater; Bond jumps into a well and pretty much lands on Largo.

This allows Bond to shoot her with his fountain pen.

Nothing happens, then Fatima starts cackling and explodes. Too silly to achieve tension but very engaging and enjoyably acted. Making Domino a willing girlfriend, rather than kept mistress, only works if she proves harder to seduce and loyal to her evil beau.

Fatima is so bonkers the sexual affidavit feels psychologically credible. Yet Bond plays a rather large trump card with the whole ‘Largo killed your brother’ revelation and Domino duly comes onside. This departure fromtried to go its own way; unfortunately it swiftly gets lost.

Nice, too, that a villainess is finally afforded a worthy death. That being said, the Flying Saucer interlude ticks over nicely. Removing the dead twin would freshen up the narrative but make life harder for the writers. Best glide over the Arabian tribesmen desperate for some white female flesh. Save that for your ‘Post-Imperialist Fantasies in 20th Century Cinema’ dissertation.

Short, tubby, lanky blond hair receding, Largo is Draco Malfoy gone to seed.