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My dad is either a bit hard of hearing, or I don't know what, but he doesn't even acknowledge that he hears it.The problem is that lately, Dad wants to know why I don't stay in his home.

I've tried explaining that I sleep better in a quieter house, but he has begun to insist that when I visit this Christmas, that I stay in my old room so I can be around more. Please help me figure out how to give Dad a stronger "no" that won't be the most embarrassing thing ever!That doesn't mean you toss your mother-in-law into the street, but that you and your husband explore all the potential options.You could hire a social worker to help you sort through this.A: I'm finding it pretty hard to believe that in the absence of hand-loomed organic cotton onesies, or locally sourced kale smoothies, that your nieces and nephews turned into robust, productive people.The best thing for you to do when new parents go down this conversational rabbit hole is to keep a sense of humor and have a way to change the subject.With people you know well, when things get to be too much, you could say something like, "Organic baby food and baby yoga? When I was helping to raise my nieces and nephews, I tossed them out in backyard to play then fed them Tater Tots and Oreos.

The good news is that they're all really smart and have great jobs. : I live across the country from my father, and I try to visit at least once a year.

But you're right, there's really no way to say, "Dottie, when Larry and I make love, I notice the next day you're extremely hostile to me. Let's figure out how to deal with this." I'm actually having a hard time imagining feeling amorous in such circumstances, so I admire you and your husband for being able to be intimate.

All of you are living in such close quarters that even without this problem, over the long haul you surely are going to want relief and privacy.

I thought I was imagining it but after several months of living together, this is definitely the reason why.

I've become paranoid about making love and we are very careful about being quiet—almost to the point of silence—but it hasn't helped.

) but honestly I find it hard not to tell these parents what a luxury these problems they cite really are.