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Mila kunis dating macaulay culkin 2016

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"I didn't understand the culture," Kunis has said about first arriving in the United States. But I got over it pretty fast."In an effort to help their young daughter meet other kids, Mark and Elvira Kunis enrolled Milena in a children's acting program at the Beverly Hills Studio.There, she met Susan Curtis, a talent manager, who took the reins of Kunis's career and soon landed the young actress in a number of high-profile TV commercials.

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Mark, a former mechanical engineer, soon found work as a cab driver, while Elvira, who had taught physics in Ukraine, wound up running a pharmacy. My first sentence of my essay to get into college was like, ' Imagine being blind and deaf at age 7.' And that's kind of what it felt like moving to the States."[My parents] never wanted me to become an actress because it's such an unstable and unpredictable profession.When you're immigrants, and you have to work hard for everything just to survive, it's only natural that you worry about having a stable job and income.But I think now they're more or less convinced that I'm doing pretty well and they don't have to worry about my career prospects any more."in May.The couple welcomed their baby daughter, Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, on September 30, 2014.She lives in Los Angeles, not far from her parents, and when she visits, often speaks Russian with them.

"We came to this country with literally nothing, and so any level of success is important to us," Kunis has said.

cartoon, where she supplied the voice for the character Meg Griffin.

Even while she managed a busy television career, Kunis also branched out into film.

That same year, she teamed up with Denzel Washington in the post-apocalyptic (2016), opposite Kristen Bell, which became a box office hit, grossing over $125 million on a $25 million dollar budget.

Despite all of her success, Kunis, who didn't know a word of English when she first arrived in the United States, says she hasn't forgotten her roots.

“[My parents] never wanted me to become an actress because it's such an unstable and unpredictable profession.