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Mcafee keeps updating

Mc Afee's antivirus software comes with plenty of functions and features, but this plethora of options can cause problems on some computers, especially older ones.

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Open up your Mc Afee program and change the options so that it is no longer providing constant protection.Mc Afee asks you to have at least 512MB RAM for Windows XP and 2GB of RAM for Windows Vista and 7, as well as 500MB of free space and a 1GHz processor.For some systems this is not an issue, but for computers that barely meet the specs, simply having Mc Afee installed will slow your computer down even when it's not scanning or updating.Mc Afee is a manufacturer that produces virus protection software for the computer, among other similar products.Although the Mc Afee system can help to keep your computer free from threats, the side effect of its constant interference and hogging of processor time means that your computer will run much slower than normal.Instead of allowing for constant surveillance, enable the full version of Mc Afee only when you are navigating to untrusted websites.

For your routine day-to-day surfing of typical sites, such as news sites and trusted retailers like, leave Mc Afee disabled.

If you have the funds and know-how to improve your system, upgrading your RAM is one of the easier methods of fixing this problem.

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Mc Afee can also slow your computer if it isn't built to handle it; if you have an older machine, it might not meet its system requirements.

Mc Afee scans your computer automatically, which saves you having to keep on top of it yourself.

How convenient, then, that one subscription for Mc Afee Anti Virus Plus lets you install Mc Afee security software on every Windows, mac OS, Android, and i OS device in your household.