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Take a short five-minute drive into historic downtown Huntington where you’ll find many restaurants, beautiful parks and shopping centers.Our hotel is only 3 miles from Huntington’s Civic Arena, which hosts several concerts and events throughout the year.

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I actually got on the counter so I could lean over to see what she was doing.Before you head out the door, make sure to check whether you can complete your task online.The Division of Motor Vehicles has a number of online services that can help you skip an in-person visit altogether!Read on for more information about what you can accomplish at your DMV office locations.In West Virginia, the Division of Motor Vehicles is in charge of all of your driving and vehicle-related needs, including: Search for your county below or enter your zip code above to find the closest DMV where you can take care of business.I asked for my money back and was told that she would credit me with $10 the next time I came in. I guess everyone has a Burger King nightmare story I WILL NOT GO TO A BURGER KING AGAIN! i said no the bacon double rodeo cheese burger he said sorry we don’t have that i said this is burger king i get it my way it’s a bacon double cheese burger rodeo style he said so add bbq sauce i said yes and onion rings so he charged me for a small onion ring i said no i don’t want that i want three onion rings on the burger like a rodeo burger he said he couldn’t do that i said this ain’t Mc Donald’s and I’m not lovin it this is burger king i get it my way he said he was the night manager and i was being rude and he refused to serve me so it’s safe to say that, burger king lost my business forever and i just might start some bad press on that place and to think about it he is in the costumer service and satisfaction type of work he should of sucked it up and made the sale but instead of burger king giving it to me my way i get the reality that burger kings slogan have it your way is a false advertising i wonder if i could sue for that I’m going to look into it Reply hi just wanted to let you know went through drive thru [337 terry lane crescent springs ky] they did not give me my large fries are ranch dressing for my 2 kids chicken nuggets are recipt called and they said they put me on list for the large fries i mean come on at least replace the meal Reply This morning I went to the Burger King at 2328 S. What was said was that the employee that spit in the burger was working drive-thru and had a gold tooth.

Michigan Ave in Chicago, in the drive thru I ordered 2 croisanwich, 2 hashbrowns and 2 OJ and after that I informed the employee that I had a coupon she screamed through the intercom with an attitude “you got a coupon! It was the manager that brought up that the employee that took the order and the one that spit in the burger are black and the manager I dealt with last night was white.

If you can't accomplish your task online, check to see if you can still save time in line by making an appointment with the DMV.

West Virginia requires a periodic safety inspection on your vehicle, which is overseen and conducted by the West Virginia State Police.

She is the reason why I would not visit this Burger King again!!! This afternoon another Lady called to say after reviewing video that she couldn’t see the employee doing anything.

Is this acceptable customer service for your establishment?? After going over the events in order adding that she should look to see me almost on top of the counter trying to see what the employee was doing with the burger and for her unwrapping it almost immediately after picking it up then walking away and returning still wrapping it back up to pretend to pick it up and serve it.

In 1989, Grand Metropolitan PLC acquired Pillsbury and Burger King. the greed of the owner believes in leaving the outside building lights on which are high up and on all day!!!!!!! they SHINE not down but out to catch people attention from other stores blocks away…. My request was to pay the remaining $0.77 with my debit card. I also requested the return of the receipt which she claimed not to have until I pointed out it was still under the heat lamp.