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Robotech is an 85-episode adaptation of three different Japanese anime science fiction television series, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada, under the direction of Carl Macek.Robotech was originally aired in syndication starting in 1985 and has been seen in North America, Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, South Africa and Europe.

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In the midst of the fight, SDF-1 First Officer Lisa Hayes tries to find out whether her old fiance, Carl Riber, is still alive.While the SDF-1 passengers and crew celebrate their arrival, Captain Gloval makes his recollections on the SDF-1's journey across the Solar System.NOTE: This episode is a clip show that recaps the previous 13 episodes.The SDF-1 successfully flies off Macross Island to link up with other Earth forces in orbit.A Zentraedi ambush forces SDF-1 skipper Captain Gloval to go back to Macross Island and attempt a hyperspace jump.Awarded a medal for saving Lisa in Mars, Rick is promoted to lieutenant and introduced to his new wingmen, Ben Dixon and Max Sterling.

However, an attack by Khyron distracts him from another thing on his mind - attending Minmei's 16th birthday.

An unauthorized assault by Khyron on an asteroid damages the SDF-1's radar systems, forcing Lisa to go on a scout mission with Rick, Max, and Ben protecting her.

The Zentraedi ambush Lisa and brings her to Breetai's flagship, where the three pilots come face to face with Breetai himself.

An abandoned alien battle fortress crash-lands on Earth in 1999, stopping a world war in the process.

The international scientific community spends the next ten years reconstructing the damaged ship, called the SDF-1.

Rick and Minmei try to survive inside the uncharted space of the SDF-1 where they crash-landed, but are eventually stumbled upon and rescued by construction crews assigned to rebuild Macross City inside the ship.