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Love is color blind dating

If most people live in areas with a sizable amount of people of various races, why aren’t there more interracial unions?The same is true for the interracial unions that do take place — certain trends persist.

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Political orientation may be a key factor that influences the initiation of interracial romantic relationships. political orientation and interracial romantic desire AU - Eastwick, Paul W. In Study 1, White participants had sequential interactions with both a White and Black confederate and reported their romantic desire for each.We were handed out small cards with a printed circle on, full of little random dots.We were asked to say what number was written in the circle and while my friends reeled off answers with confidence I said ‘mine doesn’t have a number’.In activities as personal as dating, people use perceived race or ethnicity to make instant assessments about a person’s interests, attractiveness, and even personality.As physical appearance is the most readily noticeable trait about a person on first meeting, it can be a determining factor in whether one chooses to romantically approach another or accept an approach.Yet nearly every study and anecdotal evidence of how and who people actually date and marry shows otherwise.

Love is not [color] blind Colorblindness as a social concept is largely a myth — people notice immediately and make judgments on superficial characteristics such as gender, dress, and yes, race.

My friends looked at me like I was playing some sort of joke.

They were asked to leave, I stayed - thinking I was in trouble.

(Being colour blind doesn’t just mean I don’t see some colours, it also means my names for some colours are not the ones ‘full sighted’ people will use.

I literally don’t see the same colour, so I name it differently).

For me, there was no number, because I’m colour blind.