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As John Mc Cain dashes around the country revving up the Republican attack machine and announcing his vice-presidential running mate, the platinum blond woman at his side seems a throwback to the era when political wives were supportive and looked demure. Her arm was wrenched so badly by an enthusiastic supporter shaking her hand that she ended up in hospital getting X-rays and a sling for a sprained wrist.Americans don't know a lot about the prospective Republican First Lady, apart from the crucial fact that she is a fabulously wealthy heiress to the Hensley beer fortune in Arizona.

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The unfortunate Mc Cluggage was clever and handsome, but since he was paying his own way through college, the Hensleys looked down on him.The profits of the beer business have been put to good use in her husband's career, as the alcohol industry funds him more generously than any other politician in the Senate.Even Cindy Mc Cain's high-profile charitable work for children has to play second fiddle.After sacking the whistleblower who had revealed her actions, she disbanded the group.Then she told her husband about her addiction and checked herself into a clinic.By 1979, the returned war hero Mc Cain had turned up at a Honolulu cocktail party, as a US liaison officer on his way to China with a group of congressmen.

John Mc Cain was then 42, still married to his first wife Carol Shepp, who had raised their three children alone and had kept the Po W cause alive while her husband was locked away by the North Vietnamese, only to be rejected by John Mc Cain on his return to find her recently crippled in a car accident.

I remember sitting in these metal chairs in a circle in Sunday school and just staring at her, going, 'God, she's gorgeous'".

In school she had "perfect" grades, rode horses and studied ballet.

By 1992 she was gulping 10 to 15 pills a day, claiming they were vitamins. "I only saw him on the weekends, and I didn't want him to come home to this woman who couldn't do anything," she revealed only in April.

"I completely masked it and completely kept myself somewhat pain-free and [with] the ability to function and do everything he wanted." A friend, Betsey Bayless, noticed nothing wrong with her at the time.

The Hensleys have long been members of the Phoenix elite.