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List of dating sim games for ds

list of dating sim games for ds-86

Unless I'm missing something and making myself look like an ass, lol.

list of dating sim games for ds-72

According to posters on massively anonymous message boards 4chan and its Japanese equivalent 2ch, people with pirated copies can't get the girls to ever return their affections, no matter what they do.The events aren't happening either - brutal." is a DS game, it's harder to circumvent this sort of copy protection.PC pirates could just download a secondary crack or patch for this kind of thing, but it'll take more time for the ROM itself to be hacked to remove this most insidious and unrelenting DRM.Most of the time, if I get that far in a game I'll go ahead and muscle my way through it, just because I'm so close.I just couldn't bring myself to do that with Revenant Wings.Even if they hadn't completely torn out everything I loved about the first game, though, there are just so many little things about that game's interface that are maddening.

I got about 80% of the way through that game before giving up.

In Advance Wars, I just loved the way it played as the animation was fairly rudimentary, but still okay.

Yeah I guess I didn't like the units it didn't feel personal.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike / Advance Wars: Days of Ruin* 10.

Jump Ultimate Stars* I am actively looking for suggestions with this list.

I like Jeanne d'Arc so much because I really cared about the characters, Advanced wars was more like an RTS to me where they were just expendable units.