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(eds.), (2010) Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism.

Ancient texts (printed)Reference the edition you have read: Virgil (2008) The Aeneid. Cottam (2012, cited in Donohue, 2015) rejects the hypothesis that...The bibliography at the end of a document should be listed in alphabetical order according to author's surname. If you have cited more than one item by the same author they should be listed chronologically (earliest first), and by letter (1996a 1996b) if more than one item has been published in the same year. There is no need to divide the bibliography into types of resources; books, articles, web sites etc. Titles of books, journals, newspapers, encyclopaedias etc. (2013) Writing the winning thesis or dissertation: a step-by-step guide. should be italicised and all journal titles should be written in full. Where the author is not known use the following rules: Title (Year if known) Name of collection and reference number, Location of archive in which the manuscript can be found. You should try to access the original source and reference that but, if that is not possible, do one of the following in the in-text citation: Hanes (2009, quoted in Donohue, 2015, p.12) promotes the idea that...

Bibliography: in the following examples we alternate between print and online legal and official documents. Name of collection and reference number, Location of archive in which the manuscript can be found. Secondary referencing is when you refer to a source that has been mentioned in a document you have read.

An article with no author and no corporate author‘Coffee drinking and cancer of the pancreas’ (Editorial) (1981) British Medical Journal, 283(6292), p. Electronic articles Where an electronic article looks like the print version and you have all the information for a reference including page numbers, follow the rules for a print article. Photographs The rules for photos are: Photographer (Year) Title of photograph [Photograph].

This is called a corporate author: The Royal Marsden Hospital Bone-Marrow transplantation Team (1977) ‘Failure of syngeneic bone-marrow graft without preconditioning in post-hepatitis marrow aplasia’, Lancet, 2(8041), pp.742-744.

The character of the Doctor (Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988) in this episode...

Page numbers If possible you should give page number in the in-text citation, for example: Cooke (2016, p.43) argues that…

You are plagiarizing if you copy someone else’s words and claim them as your own and you cannot use other people’s data nor their ideas unless you provide adequate acknowledgement. (2013) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide.