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Libya an dating marriage

For example, orphaned women in Libya are living as if they are in a jail.Hakki Organization (“My right”) visited their building in Tripoli on the International Women’s Day on 8th of March 2012.

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Abaida deliberately cites false statistics on the status of women in Libya before the war.Here are some facts about women’s rights in Libya under the previous regime: In theory, women and men are equal according to the Constitutional Declaration published in 1969; as well as in Gaddafi’s Green Book which was considered to be Libya’s Constitution back then, stating that “Women and men are equal, and to differentiate between women and men is a flagrant injustice and it is not justified.” However, the text also emphasizes the biological differences between men and women and then stating that “it’s impossible for woman and men to be equal.” But this did not stop Libyan women from demanding their rights under an authoritarian regime, and in 1996 a charter was published regarding the Rights and Duties of women in Libyan society, which stated clearly that women are equal to men and have the right to financial independence, along with women’s duty to protect and defend their country as well as their right to be in leadership positions.The Penal Code and the Criminal Code are applied equally on women and men, however; according to the article No.375 of the Penal code, it minimizes the punishment for a man who kills a female family member in an honour crime; whilst if a man sexually abuses a female family member of his family, the punishment will not exceed two years in jail!However most of these horrific crimes are not reported to the police due to the familial pressure of custom and tradition, (this law is still applicable).She remains nothing more than a traitor and imperialist propagandist.

– Jamahiriya News Agency By Magdulien Z Abaida The first thing women’s rights activists in Libya mention about women’s rights in Libya now, is that having 33 women in the parliament, means women’s rights in Libya is a big success and that it is somehow a measure of the “positive steps” towards women rights in Libya, but is that real?

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Benghazi, Zawiya, Khoms, Sabha, Misrata and Bayda are the major cities.

Oil and natural gases are major back bone of Libyan economy.

They faced security problems and needed to get permission to visit and eventually only got to meet the Director at the orphanage, Ms. She said, “I cannot let you see the girls and their rooms, I will be in big trouble if I do.” We discovered after that she had to resign after she was conveniently accused of being Pro-Gaddafi.