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It's actually very close to us here and the surrounding houses - both the old ones and the new ones - are just lovely.

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members.The hard part is that the best combinations of all three--elementary, middle, high schools--seems to be the hardest to find in our price range.Hi, Yes, I wasn't even thinking ahead to middle and high schools, but my realtor was nudging me, specifically away from one place where I would not have liked the middle school.I've only been here about 6 weeks, but we love the neighbors. I also loved Chevy Chase and sometimes wish I were closer to the university, etc. In hindsight - not that I want to second guess myself - but I would pick the school first and then look for the available houses.I would have liked to get my daughter into Cassidy, Glendover, or Rosa Parks.I do have a great relocation realtor if you want me to send you her name.

I do live in Lexington, but I'm in the suburbs with a young child so I'm in a different mode Any suggestions anyone?

Also just wondering if it's something the communities in the area would welcome I suppose. People here have been very welcoming and friendly, but we're definitely still held at arm's length.

Jobs only go to people who were born and raised here, which has been frustrating. We definitely like our privacy and don't want to live on Main Street and have people popping in constantly, but do still want to be a part of the community, if that makes sense.

hth -Hi, I just moved to Firebrook (from Northern Virginia).

I would have liked to get my daughter into Cassidy, Glendover, or Rosa Parks. That is what we are trying to think about right now--best schools (which we may or may not even use as we homeschool, but want options) and then price.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. So we're thinking of trying to go further north where the summers won't be so rough and the winters will be real winters. Might include a small income and free vehicle usage as well.