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Law and disorder dating vancouver bc

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Several other students rushed to help her and eventually she managed to extricate herself from him and flee. Outside court, Crown counsel Daniel Porte noted that the judgment of not-criminal responsibility was supported by both the Crown and defence.He said Almestadi will now be remanded to a psychiatric hospital and be subject to the B. Review Board, which conducts periodic reviews of such cases.

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The accused, an international student from Saudi Arabia, admitted in his testimony that Hare’s description of the attack was accurate and that he had committed the assault, but argued that at the time of the assault he was suffering from a mental disorder. Hare was morally wrong.” Almestadi, wearing a grey suit and shirt and sitting in the prisoner’s dock, said: “Thank you, your honour.” Court heard that in the weeks before the assault, Almestadi was growing increasingly distressed about his inability to study and keep up with his course work. He spoke to his family, who found him depressed and homesick, and urged him to speak to someone at the university.Those convictions made him ineligible to remain in Canada as he is not a Canadian citizen.His brother Daniel Van Heest told Postmedia on Monday that the deportation was unfair and inhumane.“The fact is, it is not fair.” Ujjal Dosanjh, a former B. premier and federal Liberal cabinet minister, said the deportation of someone with a mental illness who has been in Canada for almost six decades is “an absolute travesty.” “Here is a man who came as a child, doesn’t know the language (of his birth country), has never been to another place, and we are sending him back to a place that he has not seen for the last 58 years,” Dosanjh said.“How is it compassionate and fair to send someone who is essentially …Almestadi, who prior to his attendance at UBC had not suffered any mental disorders and had no record of violence, talked to other students, telling them he was falling behind and thought he might need to see a counsellor.

He told a student-residence adviser that he felt people were watching him and that he was thinking of stopping his studies. Almestadi attended the UBC hospital and tried to set up an appointment, but the first available appointment was sometime off.

man who came to Canada as a baby was deported to the Netherlands on Monday because of crimes he committed while suffering from bipolar disorder.

That cleared the way for the Canada Border Services Agency to escort him to Amsterdam on a flight that left at p.m. Van Heest doesn’t speak Dutch and has only distant relatives in the country he left as a seven-month-old baby.

“I have contempt for the system that has lead to my brother’s deportation.

It is a humanitarian case and the government is turning a blind eye to it,” he said.

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