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Larisa ukraine dating 27

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My dream is to discover the world and travel a bit.

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Who lacks only the smart and loving wife to be totally happy. I hope we will inspire each other and we can make each other better. Feminine soft I am a very creative person, I like the creativity process and I enjoy seeing the resilts of my work.I am easy to talk to, people say I’m a good communicated.My motto: there is nothing impossible for the person with the intellect.I always infect people around me with positive energy and an optimistic view on life! I am a conflict-free person, it is better to tend to a compromise I think For me there is always a way to solve a problem and to meet a decision!I am looking for a man with a kind and caring heart where the could be a place for me!

I am a very romantic person in my heart and it would be nice to share these qualities with my soul mate! Internet dating with single Ukraine women, hot girls and beautiful brides!

I am a independent woman, maybe sometimes too strong, but I really tired all the time to be responsible for everything, I very much want to meet special man, who will give me tenderness, attention and care.

I hope I will trust him and open my soul for him...

Russianbrides say that day won’t bring satisfaction if you have not realized something planned.

And it happens as the number of our desires exceeds our possibilities.

And most of these desires are not worth being realized.