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We invite our guests to examine the minute details, ponder the thought and build processes, and marvel at the end result of each vehicle on display.

She lives with her three younger sisters, parents nowhere in sight, and her three hyperintelligent pets.Each of these vehicles has been carefully planned, and painstakingly transformed by hand to its current configuration.Metal has been shaped, worked and smoothed, leather has been dyed, stretched and sewn, paint has been sprayed, sanded and polished, and power trains have been extensively upgraded by world-class craftsmen.Thanks to a few companies like Speedway Motors and Wintec Fabrication the 1923 ford pickup has survived time to be known as the “T” Bucket and the body have been reproduced in fiber Glass along with all the parts so the person who wants a Street Rod can buy them as kits to build at home or buy a complete car all finished and ready to go.This particular “T” belongs to Tom Reigle and he bought it a few years ago when he saw it for SALE in someone’s front yard.(In fact, Midge, being an older doll, is portrayed as not being fully articulate).

All of the technology runs off toy rules (e.g., the showers are powered by hand pumps; the cars use giant D-cell batteries, etc). Barbie's personality is that of a sparklingly cheerful girl who's done, and is good at, everything, to the point of comedy.

Plus, in 2013, a series of TV specials began airing on Nickelodeon.

The webseries and the TV specials have become available to stream on Netflix, and select episodes and music videos have made their way to DVD and Blu-Ray as bonus features for some of Barbie's movies.

The AACA Museum’s “Art of the Build” exhibit focuses on these individuals, and the rolling art they have created.

By treating each custom vehicle as a piece of sculpture, the Museum has planned this display as an art installation, celebrating each item for what it has become, not lamenting of what it once was.

It was feared that many of these skills would be lost to history, but thanks to both restoration and custom shops they have been resurrected.