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John stamos who is he dating 2016

Now, it seems that the happy couple is taking their relationship to the next level, as the reported, Stamos made his engagement official on October 22, and shared the news in an Instagram post which had the couple tagged at Disneyland.The two are said to be frequent visitors of Disneyland because of Caitlin Mc Hugh’s love for “the House of Mouse.” In fact, the couple appeared to be there earlier in the month as well, as Mc Hugh had pictures of the two of them together posted to her own Instagram account as of October 5.

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“He had a commitment issue and is always unsure of getting serious,” said the source.Aside from enjoying his relationship with Caitlin, he is also creating a TV show.John said, “I was just 18 when I auditioned for 'General Hospital' on a Monday and I shot the first episode Wednesday and a week later it aired and [I] got catapulted into whatever that sort of weird [thing] soap opera stardom was… It’s sort of 'Boogie Nights' in the soap world in the '80s." John is using his fame to better the world, recently hosting the annual Goodwill Gala.“She loves this song ‘Disney girl.’ So I grabbed my phone and put it in front of [me] to shoot the whole thing. Jesse and The Rippers performed on the show in 2013, and at the end, Becky came out to plant a big kiss on Jesse, and the crowd went nuts.“[We] went on a date to Disneyland before, you know, before we were both married. We did have some off timing, but no disrespect to her family and her husband now, I would say that she could be the one that got away.”“We were great friends…and we have chemistry.There's a time where you have to really kinda let some of that go, and I think that was part of cleaning up my act the last few years, being kinda more responsible to myself.” John has been dating girlfriend Caitlin Mc Hugh since last year. It always comes back to bite you when you start talking about relationships and girls.

I tell all my friends, ‘Don't post pictures of you and your girlfriend.’ She's very respectful of it and she doesn’t.” Watch!

Request for comment from a rep for Stamos was not immediately returned.

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh recently caught up with John Stamos, who opened up on his anti-aging secrets and his relationship with girlfriend Caitlin Mc Hugh.

Perhaps the actor is keeping this on the hush hush side of things, because he doesn’t want anyone to put his relationship in the limelight just yet.

While on producer and guest cast mate about whether or not he likes women submissive or dominant.

John was talking about playing shows with The Beach Boys and made the reveal.