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So there’s more of a vibe of the four us playing together on this album.” But to call Crash Love “stripped-down” is to speak in very relative terms. His guitar tracks on are as precise as they are passionate, and meticulously layered, but he relies less on electronics and digital manipulations and more on organic, if bizarre, sources of beautiful guitar noise.

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But doing what everyone wants us to has no attraction for me.I don’t ever want to do what’s predictable.” Stylistic upheavals are integral to the AFI aesthetic.Although the band was spawned in the hardcore thrash of the early Nineties Northern California punk scene, it shed those sonic trappings and developed the doomy, elegiac sound heard on massively successful albums like 2003’s , Puget felt like he’d ventured as far into the realm of electronics and plug-in manipulations as he wanted to go.In addition, the songs weren’t coming as easily as they once did for Puget and Havok, who share responsibility for all the writing in AFI. An important stepping-stone in that new direction arrived in the unlikely form of because there are so many of them on the Blaqk Audio record,” Puget says. It’s just that Blaqk Audio was so casual and easy to do.There was no pressure involved in writing and putting out that record. That’s why Davey and I were in a relaxed and creative state when we started writing .“Everything was very extensively demoed in the past,” Puget says.

“This time, Davey and I still wrote the songs, but we wanted to work them out together as a band.

Puget tours with two Diamond Nitrox heads that are always on—one is set to a dirty, overdriven sound while the other is dialed up for “cleaner,” gritty tones.

He prefers the Nitrox amps because they bridge the gap between Mesa/Boogie and Marshall and they don’t sound like Leaving the floor clean—aside from his Custom Audio Electronics RS-10 MIDI controller out front—Jade keeps his few stomps in the rack including two Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamers (one is set for moderate gain while the second has the level control dimed), a Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb, Digi Tech Digi Delay, and a Korg KP2 Kaoss Pad for the middle breakdown part of “Girl’s Not Grey” where he needs to reproduce a “twinkly” sound.

Our bus driver had a heart attack while the bus was rolling. He lived." It's a good thing too, or they wouldn't have been able to do cool things like work with their fans on the music video for "A Deep Slow Panic." "People made short videos, like 45 seconds or a minute," Adam explained. We picked elements that we really responded to and then compiled a hodge-podge of submitted material to make a definitive video.

"We had a crazy experience that Adam experienced especially.

For clean and chorus-y tones Puget used to tour with a Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus combo, but due to constant maintenance needs and looking to streamline his setup he now opts to use a rackmount Line 6 POD Pro.