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Jack nicholson and jessica lange dating

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Here when the motorcycle cop stops by to chat about the diner's new neon sign, thus foiling their plot, it lacks any tension.

He went on: ‘There were points in my life when I felt oddly irresistible to women.It lacks the smoldering-beneath-the-surface lust of the John Garfield, Lana Turner version and instead replaces it with pure beast-like rutting.Unfortunately this scene is the most memorable in this entire mess of a movie. I cannot for the life of me fathom what Jessica Lange's Cora sees in him.But if women young enough to be his granddaughter aren’t hurling themselves at him any more, it might also have something to do with his lifestyle.As detailed to Closer by a friend, it certainly isn’t sexy.This remake of the classic 1946 film noir (based on the 1934 novel by James M.

Cain) is a wasted effort whose sole purpose seems to be to show stars Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange graphically fornicating on a kitchen table.

I’m not in that state right now, which makes me sad.’Friends say he is single — which, for Nicholson, is a stunning state of affairs. ‘They think of my reputation — Jack the Jumper — so I’m damned by what women think.’That may be true, but it also has to be said that Nicholson is not quite the babe magnet he once was.

Refreshingly among Hollywood stars, he is determined to age gracefully — no plastic surgery, minimal exercise — with the result that he is hardly svelte.

On a positive note it does faithfully recreate its Depression era setting. Cain's novel is short, just 100 pages, yet for some reason David Mamet delivered a screenplay that runs two hours.

A third act detour where Cora goes home to visit her sick mother while Frank briefly joins a circus (I kid you not) makes no sense whatsoever. Unfortunately the script isn't able to properly motivate her character.

This movie doesn't even attempt to and it alters the ending in a ridiculous manner that I won't give away.