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Is eddie murphy dating a white girl

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“The look wasn't stylish then, but it is now,” she says. If you threw in a sterling silver cuff, it was a Her love of hardworking, well-crafted basics and natural, no-fuss beauty couldn't be more au courant.

S.-made products, but things really clicked in 2013 when Bruce Weber, the legendary photographer and her good friend, asked her to join him on a shoot in Detroit for a young company named Shinola, which was trying to bring manufacturing back to the city by producing watches, bicycles, and leather goods there.“At the end of the day, when you’re a small-town girl and meeting people like Madonna and Michael Hutchence and Sting and Bono, and you’re sitting at a dinner with them or on a first-name basis with people like Kate and Johnny [Depp], of course there are gonna be a lot of ‘holy sh—! “I will never lie and say I always felt like I was meant to be there, or ‘Oh, so-and-so is my best friend.’ It’s still like that.” But it’s not bold-faced names she admires most.When asked who are her American heroes, she says, “The people who are the backbone of this country.People like my parents, who are in the military, or farmers and teachers.I’m very passionate and hypervigilant about supporting our workers, blue-collar especially, because I think they’re so overlooked.” Murphy tries to live by her motto: Do something.“I got off the plane and thought, ‘This is it,’ ” she says.

“It was wonderful, that spirit of optimism.” Tom Kartsotis, the company’s owner, saw the same in her and hired her as the women’s design director, a role that has her developing products and creating a print magazine, Despite her passion for progressive ideals, Murphy doesn’t want to come off as preachy, especially on her website.

Her Instagram feed consists of off-duty shots of her gardening; riding her horse, Doc; and getting ready for dinner in a parking lot after a day of surfing.

When she’s working, she can transform into whatever you want—a sophisticated sex bomb for Tom Ford, a Park Avenue royal for Oscar de la Renta—but as she’s sitting across from me, her posture pitched forward and her expression open, everything about her seems to say, How can I help you? “It’s been my nickname forever.” It’s also the name of the website she’s launching this fall: will take a back-to-basics approach to lifestyle, featuring stories along with a curated shop of items made in America.

“We were a sisterhood,” says Murphy, who went on to star in campaigns for megabrands such as Prada, Tiffany & Co., Versace, and, for 16 years and counting, Estée Lauder.

“It was like being in a band on tour.” And they partied like rock stars.

She was born in the Florida Panhandle, where her father was stationed in the military, and spent a good chunk of every summer on her family’s farm near Lynchburg, Va.