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The document gives an excellent account of Northport history, discussing the civic needs of the community; news article on Northport Housing Chief, William Fletcher Barnes; obit William Fletcher Barnes dated December 24, 1999; articles on Miss Mary Emma Barnes and her work with Williamson Cemetery; obit for Mrs. Barnes dated March 3, 1945; bio on Mary Emma Barnes; other news articles.

The men were involved in the establishment of Bethel Baptist Church near North River on the Watermelon Road and Ebenezer Baptist Church, now the First Baptist Church Tuscaloosa; both churches were founded in January 1818; Lavinia Baines Hassell; family tree of Miles Hassell family. Barger, Clifford: FHN Newsletter May 2005 regarding said individual.Barrett: a twenty-four (24) page history of genealogical information on the Barrett family.Barringer/Swink House: a personal letter dated August 20, 2001, from Marvin Harper to Larry and Donna Davis.Banks: the file has an unsigned four page handwritten letter that mentions Union General Nathaniel P. Barnes, Largus Fletcher (1882-1962): bio from a The Tuscaloosa News article 1929; bio entitled June 4, 1882-December 7, 1962; obit dated December 9, 1962, for said individual; obit for Reverend William Fletcher Barnes, father of Largus.Barnes Family: a thirty-eight (38) page document Northport, Alabama, Community Achievement Contest 1955-1956 by the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.Archibald, Sons of American Revolution: a letter of inquiry.

Archibald, 4 Creek burying grounds: a brochure Fourth Creek Memorial Burying Ground 1756, Statesville, North Carolina. F.) (1891-1976): retired as pastor of Northport Baptist Church in 1958 after thirty (30)years of service; FHN Newsletter November 2003; a book, Today Ain’t Yesterday, written by Atkins; news articles; the story of his robe being donated to FHN Museum; photographs; bio of said individual; The Northport Baptist Beacon for September 3, 1974; obit for said individual.

Archibald, Miss Elizabeth of Greene County, Alabama: 1970 news article of her retirement after forty years as an English teacher and missionary to Japan; John Mc Kee, Indian Agent, Frontier Statesman, Congressman written by Miss Archibald in 1966; In Memory of Sarah Baugh Archibald 1909-1971 and Edwin Addison Archibald III 1907-1976, written by Miss Archibald in 1976; personal letters; poems.

Archibald Railroad Estates: a lawsuit between the State of Louisiana and the heirs of J. Archibald, Walter Patton (1889-1951): a biography; obit of William Pratt Archibald (1851-1932); family tree of Robert Sartor Smith; Archibald family record; Chromosomed vs.

Benson, Shirley: genealogy graphs of said family; handwritten letter to Marvin Harper giving the Benson family and Shirley family connection; a CD of Benson family photographs.

Blackburn-Holley House: located 2820 5 Street, the house was built circa 1912 by N. Holley and his wife Rachel; the file gives the story of the restoration of the structure. William: a bio of his life and an advertisement for his chiropractic office in Tuscaloosa; a FHN Newsletter dated February (the year is not given) giving the history of the 1938-built Holman house (Albert and Sally) on 21st Avenue adjacent to Bellwood. Bowen, Dock M.: obit dated November 3, 1997; multiple news articles regarding said individual’s service as Chief of Police in Northport; photos of Northport police and city officials.

This document gives information about individuals who compose part of the history of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama and nearby counties as they appeared in local. Halbert, Joshua, born in Virginia October 4, 1785, married Matilda Nash.