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Yeah, they're one of those major label punk bands - they're on Maverick. But music review people will at least be able to say, "Hey, this is a record that's more of what the Vandals are all about! Every time you kill something, you're killing a very valuable piece of meat. I'm glad you explained that, because on the site ( you say something about how if people really understood bullfighting, they'd approve of it. Some are tested and don't charge, and those are killed right away for meat, because they can't afford to feed 'em, you know?

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In that American Hardcore book, they say that Stevo was really violent. I mean, they said that like whenever there was a fight, he would be involved. So what happened to the band in the seven years between that album and Fear Of A Punk Planet? Or did people just leave and get replaced one at a time until you had the current line-up? Some things they should achieve - The Vandals have totally reached that understanding, they have a great attitude, they know some things are impossible. That's a great new development - getting someone else to do it! That always bugged me about Bad Religion - that they always make videos of the slowest songs on their albums. And they have success because they have history of MTV airplay. I mean, I know for some people, that's their job everyday and it seems like it could get depressing. When the time comes, it's a big day for the matador, but it's the price the bulls pay for having a good life. When a bull goes into a pro ring, it's four and a half years old. It takes a long time before you grasp what is reasonable for a punk label to achieve. We're trying to say to people that we're a punk rock band and we're not trying to get on the radio. We didn't pick a slower one that we thought would be more accessible; we wanted to do a song that was representative of our album. Ticket sales are definitely getting larger, but record sales are pretty much the same in the U. Now there's refining of songs when we write, so we record albums that we can be proud of years later. How far would you like to go with your moviemaking career? I just finished filming Selwyn's Nuts, and I'll be editing that on tour after I finish the Tsunami Bomb thing. Will that be in theaters or - It'll be just like That Darn Punk, released on DVD. If he did that, he could make a movie for 20 grand. We were just like, "Here, here's how it goes," then we'd memorize it and it would never change. But if it REALLY wins, like if it kills the matador or injures him to where he's carried away, then the bullfight is over and another matador comes out and kills it right away. I told him I'd pay for the movie if he changed it to have something to do with punk rock. The four Nitro records were distributed alright, but those are the only ones. I remember when that happened, I had kinda forgotten that it aired and the guy at Time Bomb, who our first two records are licensed to right now, called me and said, "What the hell happened?

And that was Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black on that episode, right?

Do this thing, do that thing," and they don't have to do that a lot here. They didn't want to make a video, but we finally got one down. But we're not gonna have a hit, so why should we release the one weird midtempo song as a single rather than a fast punk one that's more representative of our sound? Everybody knows bulls don't have a fun life in slaughterhouse. Warren's date really did have very limited English-speaking skills. With you and your wife reading the Bible and then your dates dragging you to a Slayer concert?

But then, most labels would be like, "Hey, we gotta get a radio hit! We've done that before - picking a midtempo song that we think might be a hit. But these animals are really pampered and live a lot longer than animals going to slaughterhouse. A typical hamburger is made from a bull that's one or two years old and has been pretty much tortured and castrated, living in terrible conditions. And I loved how you politely asked the metalheads in the parking lot who was performing that night.

But then I saw them play and they were really good! And these guys are on a major label so you'd think they'd be that way too. Jan Ackermann played guitar and Dave Quackenbush sang. But our drummer at the time, Doug, wasn't good enough to play on the record, so I did it. I got sick of touring with the drums and having to deal with all that equipment. We'd seen his band a couple dozen times at Disneyland because Dave and I had season passes. Our album was being produced by Bob Casale from Devo, so that convinced him to join the band. It's great; lately he's been more committed, going on tours with us and everything. Because he was making too much money doing other things! and any all-ages punk rock club and fuck this whole bars thing." Because that's all that punk had to offer between '85 and '90. Everything's gotta be a good deal for punk bands - it's gotta be cheap. Or do record labels really rip artists off as much as the artists say they do? This record has sold four or five times what the last one did in Europe.

Sometimes when you're on a major label, the Warped Tour and the punk core elude you because they feel like you're not in their world, so he wanted them to get a release out on Kung Fu. Most of the pop-punk bands I know are just trying to get rich. Well, we put out the country record Slippery When Ill. He ended up in Candlebox, and then as a backup singer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And then we heard he was available and that he liked punk rock, so we went to talk to him. So we recorded Fear Of A Punk Planet and we liked it so much we said, "Let's go play these songs at Gilman St. Having been on both sides - being in an independent band AND owning a label - would you say that bands who complain about their record labels are just not understanding what goes into it?

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