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To overcome that hurdle, the company had to abandon existing streaming-technology solutions in favor of a proprietary one built by an in-house engineering team.

By that point, however, the company had no choice but to exit the market.It wasn't the most elegant of connected-sex solutions, though, since it required its own USB "mini tower" and power supply to connect with a desktop PC.The biggest challenge Real Touch encountered with its foray into connected sex toys was ensuring that video and motion data remained in sync for the users at home.But despite the positive press, the company's fortunes took a nosedive.Real Touch found itself unable to sell its hardware and, what's more, it is now catering to a dwindling group of existing customers.Those sensations would then be relayed, along with the live video, to paying male customers from around the world.

As for the pricing model, EJ says Real Touch "tried to empower the models" as much as possible by letting them set their own rules and price structure.

RTI's current stable of models are entirely female, this heteronormativity seemingly at odds with the limitless reach of the internet.

EJ said that when the site first launched, it had both male and female models, but "the gay crowd just wasn't interested in it," leading those performers to lose patience and depart.

There's also the company's unreleased "couple's product," a device designed for the internet generation's sexual habits.

EJ wouldn't comment directly, but it appears as if Real Touch intended to create a connected-sex-toy version of Chatroulette -- the once-popular site that lets people initiate random conversations with total strangers over webcams.

When I spoke to "EJ," Real Touch product manager and one of the figures behind the business, he told me that producing a capacitive surface that could handle the sensory input initially proved difficult as liquids (in this case, lube and bodily fluids) confuse capacitive touch devices -- much like how your smartphone goes haywire in the rain.