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History of speed dating

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His short treatise, De arte natandi, was written in Latin and contained over 40 woodcut illustrations depicting various methods of swimming, including the breaststroke, backstroke and crawl.

In 1793, Guts Muths from Schnepfenthal, Germany, wrote Gymnastik für die Jugend (Exercise for youth), including a significant portion about swimming.His books describe a three-step approach to learning to swim that is still used today.First, get the student used to the water; second, practice the swimming movements out of the water; and third, practice the swimming movements in the water.Swimming emerged as a competitive sport in the early 1800s in England.In 1828, the first indoor swimming pool, St George's Baths, was opened to the public.The Nagoda bas-relief also shows swimmers inside of men dating back from 3000 BC.

The Indian palace Mohenjo Daro from 2800 BC contains a swimming pool sized 12 m by 7 m.

He believed that swimming is an essential part of every education.

The Haloren, a group of salt makers in Halle, Germany, greatly advanced swimming through setting a good example to others by teaching their children to swim at a very early age.

In 1908, the world swimming association, Fédération Internationale de Natation (FINA), was formed.

10,000-year-old rock paintings of people swimming were found in the Cave of Swimmers near Wadi Sura in southwestern Egypt.

In 1844 a swimming competition was held in London with the participation of two Native Americans.