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This vote is not a comment on the technical merits of the JSR.

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The name POI was originally an acronym for Poor Obfuscation Implementation, referring humorously to the fact that the file formats seemed to be deliberately obfuscated, but poorly, since they were successfully reverse-engineered. File Input Stream file = new File Input Stream(new File("C:\\test.xls")); //Get the workbook instance for XLS file HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(file); //Get first sheet from the workbook HSSFSheet sheet = Sheet At(0); //Get iterator to all the rows in current sheet Iterator Notice how each class in POI library starts with HSSF prefix! UML 2.5, Sys ML, BPMN, Soa ML, SOMF, WSDL, XSD, Archi Mate. Forward and Reverse Engineering for code and Database. Extensions providing documentation generation in Open XML format, support for TOGAF, Sys ML, Soa ML, Hibernate, OMG MARTE standard. Model Driven Integrated Development (Edit/Build/Debug) for Java and . Simulates Activity, State Machine, Sequence and BPMN diagrams.Model Driven Integrated Development (Edit/Build/Debug) for Java, . Simulates Activity, State Machine, Sequence and BPMN diagrams. (only in commercial version)White Star Uml is a fork of Star UML with an intent to revive its Delphi code base by updating code to recent Delphi editions, reducing dependence on third party components and fixing bugs and adding new features. HSSFWorkbook workbook = new HSSFWorkbook(); HSSFSheet sheet = workbook.create Sheet("Calculate Simple Interest"); Row header = sheet.create Row(0); header.create Cell(0)Cell Value("Pricipal Amount (P)"); header.create Cell(1)Cell Value("Rate of Interest (r)"); header.create Cell(2)Cell Value("Tenure (t)"); header.create Cell(3)Cell Value("Interest (P r t)"); Row data Row = sheet.create Row(1); data Row.create Cell(0)Cell Value(14500d); data Row.create Cell(1)Cell Value(9.25); data Row.create Cell(2)Cell Value(3d); data Row.create Cell(3)Cell Formula("A2*B2*C2"); try catch (File Not Found Exception e) catch (IOException e) File Input Stream fis = new File Input Stream("/somepath/test.xls"); Workbook wb = new HSSFWorkbook(fis); //or new XSSFWorkbook("C:\\test.xls") Formula Evaluator evaluator = Creation Helper().create Formula Evaluator(); for(int sheet Num = 0; sheet Num class to evaluate formula defined in each of the cell. Check following example which creates two new cell one with bold font and another with italic and add text to it. Similar to HSSF, POI has different prefix for other file formats too: import org.hssf.usermodel. One thing we need to note here is that we can update the excel file only when we close it first.Starting from Java EE 6, Java EE is trying to incorporate and standardize concepts/features from and merge with Spring framework.

The SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ) is now part of Java SE 6, and is thus available to Java EE 6 applications without needing to be included in the EE specification.

Java EE 6 was first going to be developed under JSR 313 but was canceled.

Java EE 6 was developed under JSR 316 and released on December 10, 2009.

In response to the complaints and heavyweight troublesome impression about J2EE (1.2, 1.3, 1.4) when developers reluctantly use and light-weight Spring/Struts/Hibernate framework is increasingly popular, J2EE was rebranded as Java EE 5 which comes in line with Java SE 1.5, trying to make EJB lighter weight by replacing entity bean with independent JPA.

It also added Java API for XML-based Web Services (JAX-WS) and SOAP with Attachments API for Java (SAAJ), with the former text-based and asynchronous, the latter either binary-based or text-based but synchronous which is intended to be a simpler replacement for RMI-IIOP/CORBA.

IBM supports licensing models that create an open and level playing field by allowing third parties to create independent implementations of Java Specifications and that do not allow individuals or companies to exercise unnecessary control for proprietary advantage.