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Harmony ukulele serial number dating

I'm trying to find information about this uke that I recently acquired. The front pegboard has a design where the decal should be. The design on the headstock was probably added by a former owner on the ukulele, I don't think it would detract substantially from the instrument's value. The guy I got it from had no idea where it came from or who might have made it. I really like it and have no intention of selling or getting rid of it.

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Later in the 70's the Harmony name was sold to be used on Asian guitars. This allowed the floodgates to open and the world saw Asian companies take the low to medium grade instrument market away from the American companies. in Chicago ceased operations and had a huge three day auction. In 2009, the Harmony trademark and all intellectual property was acquired by Westheimer corpoaration in Northbrook , IL.The auction was huge since it was two city blocks under one roof. In 2011 they debuted the New Harmony Vintage Reissue series.All the wood and other parts had been put on pallets and was sitting in the shipping area to be sold. These models were appreciated by all Harmony fans everywhere. The problem was that each lot was so huge that no one that were interested in the guitar parts could afford the lots. In 1930 the Roy Smeck Grand Concert and Hawaiian models were unveiled and in 1931 the Vagabond guitar line was first produced.

In 1938 Harmony returned to violin production after a 19 year hiatus and in 1939 Harmony bought several brand names from the bankrupt Oscar Schmidt Company.

Anybody out there who could help me, dating a Harmony Monterey A mandolin (serial # 1895H410)? dark-red/black finish, black tuner knobs (plastic), faux (painted) flaming, adjustable bridge (is it original??? It came in a lovely OHSC, same one as for vintage Gibson mandolins., headstock says: Harmony (red) and Monterey (white), black pickguard Thanks for helping a mandolin and uke fan! If the date code is missing then we look at the tuners and such to try and date it. never thought, that it sounds good enough to keep it.

Chris Yes, the case was the reason I bought the mandolin...

Harmony had the choice of either enlarging their operation to meet the demand, or let foreign makers take up the slack.

The management of Harmony were too conservative and decided not to expand their operation.

During the 1980's, Harmony underwent several owner and management changes.