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Hannah tointon and joe thomas dating

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Imagine Simon from The Inbetweeners at the till in Bhs sometime in the 1990s, ringing up your sale and asking if you want a store card.

However, neither have spoken publicly to confirm or deny the speculation.If they don’t think I’ve done a good job they’ll say.But I hope they like this one because it’s an era they remember.”And no, his parents don’t have double glazing.The 33 year old and Kara Tointon's sister met on the Channel 4 series, back in 2010, after their characters dated for a handful of episodes.They made their romance official two years later, as they moved in together.We’re talking salesmanship because the actor who is best known for the E4 school years sitcom and Channel 4 comedy drama series “A salesman should be able to make himself believe it’s a good product, or at least motivate himself so successfully he gets the job done, but it was a product I didn’t believe in.

Basically, I didn’t make any alterations to my personality before trying to sell it, so it was just me, Joe.

I wasn’t very good at my job, but I don’t think I was responsible for the collapse of the business.” He laughs. Thomas is one of a trio of salesmen riding the double glazing boom of the 1980s, sparked by Margaret Thatcher’s championing of home ownership and council tenants’ right to buy.

Westwick plays Vincent Swan, attractive and ambitious, who will do anything to get a sale, while Buckley plays Fitzpatrick, not so attractive but also willing to do anything to get a sale, and Thomas is Lavender, a failed musician who will do anything to get a sale as long as it doesn’t contradict his moral code.“Honest, decent, well-educated...

The pair have been dating since 2010 when they met on the third season of the hit Channel 4 show.

However we've got a feeling their relationship doesn't exactly mirror that of their characters Simon and Tara. The washing-up consumes so much of our spare time that Hannah has suggested we eat off paper plates." "I quite like the romance of having to boil the kettle every time we have to wash up or have a bath, but Hannah doesn't. " No doubt in the last four years, they've sorted this out.

They played on-screen sisters Rosalie and Violette, in the fourth series of ITV show.