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Gretchen real housewives dating

The awesome thing about Lydia is that she just says it how it is, and that shows how loyal she is.She knows she needs to be honest about things or she will end up in the center of the drama.

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Lydia questioned whether it would be a good idea to freeze some of her husband's sample in case she wanted more kids down the line.That's what happens when you decide to cause trouble amongst your group.Her party idea sounded like something Vicki would come up with.Speaking with Us Weekly, Tamra shared that her spouse never really cared about the allegations since it began in 2016."We've been dealing with this since last year," said the reality star. If they would have said I beat you, I'd probably sue her.Then, Tamra got a phone call from none other than Vicki! Vicki did apologize for all the drama and asked if they could rebuild and move on.

Tamra agreed, but stressed in a confessional that she did not know whether she was making the right decision.

It's perfectly understandable that she would be apprehensive. It was her birthday, and she was reminiscing about how great things were a year ago.

All of the drama with Vicki has been too much to handle for her, but it does seem like Vicki is ready to grow up. Now, her relationship with David was not in a good place and she questioned how long she could go on.

Here's the big conundrum: Lydia's husband is getting a vasectomy, so it would be difficult for them if they were to decide to have kids down the line.

These ladies know they need to cover all bases before making a decision, so we're thankful they know that. Lydia revealed that she was Team Kelly in this battle because Meghan went out of her way quiz Kelly about having a boyfriend.

So, Lydia's take on it was that Meghan was the one in the wrong.