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Google groups not updating usenet

google groups not updating usenet-81

Both services have a cyber-community feel, and this chapter reveals how to participate or how to read along without posting a peep yourself.

In fact, the archives and regular participants in many groups have become a primary technical support system for lots of software programs.And if you participated in a lot of active groups, you could clog up your phone lines forever sending and receiving messages.But while Usenet was experiencing growing pains, the Internet was turning into a better environment for online communication—both for computers and for humans.Groups are thus a good place to find out what people are thinking about today’s news (Jennifer Aniston: hot or not?) and yesterday’s news (Valerie Bertinelli: hot or not?But even if the software you use has more formal help systems, groups can be quicker (nothing beats a successful keyword search), cheaper (free), and more thorough (other people can be surprisingly willing to help you through a difficult problem, and you can get assistance from several people at once).

Microsoft alone has nearly 300 Usenet groups in the hierarchy Figure 4-1.

In particular, people liked using the Web (which is a part of the Internet), and in 1995, Deja News created a Web site for Usenet groups.

Deja let people search for keywords in articles and group titles, and read and join groups without getting their email involved. But Deja, as it was known, folded during the Internet bust.

Like the Internet, Usenet was a decentralized global network of computers.

But unlike the Internet, Usenet was designed solely to carry the traffic of a massive collection of text-based discussions, or .

Google Groups includes thousands of live groups, plus Usenet archives since 1981, totaling a messages—and counting.