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* Note: Trempealeau County hearing venue has changed (02/13/15) * Note: Click on the slide show tab and then choose to start the presentation from beginning to view the video.The Spring Hearing rule proposals (FH-14-14 and WM-01-15) may be reviewed and comments made at or through the department's website at later than April 13, 2015.

Now, when you enter a listing into the South Central WI MLS Paragon system, it will flow to the native Metro Milwaukee MLS system.We do not send private documents to other MLSs as some other MLSs do not distinguish between public and private and include all documents with e-mailed listing links to the public.Please make sure to mark your public type documents as public so agents in other MLSs have access to them.Paragon now will accept a parcel number with our without the punctuation.Users with standard agent level security can now update broker-to-broker remarks and all pick list features on their listings within Paragon.Public associated documents are available for the public via e-mailed listing links sent to clients.

Private documents are not included when listings are emailed from Paragon, but SCWMLS members have access to them via the Documents link on a listing.

Citizens also had the opportunity to submit resolutions for changes they would like to see in the future.

*Please note, in question #36, the proposed 10" minimum length limit is only for black crappie.

From the menu on the left, click on Showings and Make New Request.

Search for the listing by MLS number (without the alpha prefix) or address. When adding an associated document to a listing in Paragon, your document will be automatically set as a private document unless you select the Public check box.

To follow the national norm and improve the accuracy of your data, we now require the actual list price of the property be entered within the list price field.