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• Ireland expected to vote Yes in historic referendum on gay marriage • Ireland's gay marriage referendum: what you need to know • Mapped: where is same sex marriage legal in the world?Yet the hostility Mr Alexander encounters is not because he supports gay marriage.On the contrary, it is because he and his group, the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation, are strongly against it.Ireland's referendum on gay marriage has taught Alexander Mc Kay all about what it is like to belong to an unwelcome minority.In the weeks running up to Friday's vote, he and his fellow campaigners have been spat at, abused and even assaulted in the street, so much so that they now carry a video camera wherever they go.By a strange quirk of fate, the group's secretary is Rory O'Hanlon, whose actor brother Ardal played the bumbling Father Dougal Mc Guire in the hit Irish TV comedy Father Ted.

That one brother should be upholding the Catholic values that another brother is famous for lampooning is proof of just how more diverse Irish society has become in the last 20 years.

Business leaders too have come out for the Yes vote, egged on by the Irish branches of trendy tech companies such as Google and Twitter, with the Irish Business and Employers Confederation warning that "failure to support civil marriage equality may do untold damage to Ireland's international reputation." Combined, though, with widespread Yes endorsements among Ireland's celebrity class, it has added to a sense in the No camp that just as pro-gay sentiment was once deemed unmentionable in polite society, now it is the other way around.

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While he spoke to the Telegraph, one passer-by who came up and asked for a dozen leaflets "to give to my friends" turned out to be a "Yes" supporter who was simply trying to empty them of their stock.