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In response to the gap in HIV testing, a pilot study was developed and implemented via mailed, at-home HIV test kits, accompanied by HIV counseling with a peer counselor via video chat.A total of 20 MSM were enrolled in this test of concept study, 80% of whom identified as BMSM.

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Men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly MSM who identify as African-American or Black (BMSM), are the sociodemographic group that is most heavily burdened by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in the United States.STRIVE recognizes both in a storm of events and activities covering every day of the month.During October, you can find us crafting at Gator Nights, tie-dying T-shirts at the Plaza of Americas, and collaborating with several awesome organizations around the community as we encourage students to model healthy relationships of all kinds.So his company is now offering software that will turn those gadgets—including old leftover ones— into networked security cameras.“As the years go on and hardware capabilities become similar, software is going to be the key differentiator,” says Cohen.Recruiting people’s current gadgets isn’t so much to promote a homebrew spirit as to free Perch to focus on its software, which promises lag-free video feeds, real-time video chat, and image analysis that can tell what is happening in the home beyond simple motion detection.Perch claims that its apps and service can be set up in minutes—despite running on a hodgepodge of different devices.

It’s one of the first startups to come out of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center accelerator program in New York City (founded in 2013), though Cohen says that Perch will not try to steer people especially towards using Samsung products. “Our goal is to be compatible with any home automation system that our customers are using.”To that end, Perch intends to expand support to as much hardware as possible, including dedicated security cameras like Dropcam, smart TVs, and home automation systems.

After the rally, attendees gather for a powerful open mic session, where anyone who has been impacted by sexual violence is given the opportunity to share their story.

Take Back the Night has grown exponentially and offers a keynote address, musical and spoken word performances, and new connection among participants.

Take Back the Night is an international rally demanding an end to sexual violence.

Every year in April, STRIVE and a consortium of campus and community organizations unite students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members in a demonstration march through campus.

STRIVE educates, inspires and empowers UF students to actively participate in creating a campus community that is free from interpersonal violence.