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Looking at the text from the author's Wordpress site [2] and app description, one could possibly come to the conclusion that the author is not a native english speaker (or has substandard grammar skills).'éta... I get scared when I hear how many Turkish people talk about the Gülenist movement.I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he had a hand in his own coup attempt as a way to solidify his grasp on power.Well this is the same president who had his officials caught red handed a couple years ago planning a false flag on themselves to start a war in syria.I agree with you that a military coup against democratically elected president is hardly a step toward democracy.But what Erdogan is doing in return is intolerable: https://So, I am not sure if they would risk themselves to use it to plan something illegal.

Yet, things in Turkey are getting very amateurish in every aspects for the last decade.

Interesting tidbit: The officials who went to kill/capture Erdogan was told the group of soldires that they were to "pick up a high level PKK operative (A Kurdish terrorist organisation) in Marmaris."

IMO, even though in general movement has nationalistic tendencies, It cannot be said "they are not fond of Kurds" (as an ethnicity).

It's known that members pay a fixed amount (AFAIK a percentage of their monthly pay) monthly to the organisation.

Most members are conservative celebs, conservative enterpreneurs and white collar types.

So, luckily for the sake of bits and pieces of Turkish democracy, this coup attempt was also amateurish.