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He was off and running with a record deal and slowly morphing into his Ziggy Stardust period, a record he made in 1972.And sex was always a part of the equation.'David was magnetic. At the time the English were very different sexually from Americans, because even though we were f***ing everything in sight, we were still very repressed', Tony Zanetta, head of the company that handled Bowie's business affairs told Jones.

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Rock legend David Bowie was consumed by his sex addiction which drove him to sleep with 13-year-old girls, engage in wild orgies, and declare his bisexuality with a 'permanent erection,' a new book reveals.'David Bowie was his very own creation, his very own work of art.This was the boy from postwar Brixton [a district of south London] with his sights set on the world,' writes author and British GQ editor Dylan Jones in his exhaustive and fascinating new biography, David Bowie: A Life, to be published by Crown Archetype on September 7.'His entire professional career was one of myth, legend and invention.'Bowie broke out of the monochrome world of his upbringing in southeast England in the 70s dressed like a pansexual spaceman in a Day-Glo jumpsuit, sashaying across the screen like a 1920s film star, with dyed flame-red hair.He called women into the room to watch him have sex with another woman - and he was described to be more 'seductive' than 'sexy' (Pictured with actress Romy Haag in 1976) Author Jones describes 70s British singer Dana Gillespie describing being his girlfriend when she was only 13 or 14.He arrived at her house dressed like Robin Hood from a gig and her father initially thought he was a girl because of his long hair.But there was a dark cloud over his mother's side of the family that was riddled with mental instability.

Two or three of his aunts committed suicide; three of his mother's sisters were described as nuts, and one even had a lobotomy because of 'bad nerves'.

To escape south east London, he became a lodger with journalist Mary Finnigan before becoming her lover.

She later learned that he had been bisexually multi-timing her the entire time as well as sleeping with his stagecraft guru and Angie in London who became his first wife.

He was in bed with her best friend and the walls were shaking.

In the age of psychedelic drugs, while others were dropping acid, Bowie was afraid to indulge in it because to of his brother's schizophrenia.

Their mother, Margaret was good with babies, but then abandoned them after that. He had introduced Bowie to American culture, jazz, the Beats, dive bars and flesh-pots of London's West End.